Why CitySupport


The Resource – The leadership within CitySupport expects perfection from within its organization. We’re not perfect all of the time, but this expectation ensures our client, the City and its citizens, receive impeccable quality service. The fact is, we’re pros at implementing, following and managing an alarm ordinance for any size City. Each City works directly with 2 to 4 of the executive level members of CitySupport at all times. This may seem contradictory to fast-paced business growth, but this leader-to-leader dialog makes for a tighter and superior service. Once implemented, citizens are greeted with a user-friendly website to manage their account. They may also call our help desk during City business hours to talk with a service representative specially trained in your ordinance.

We Do All The Work – Literally. CitySupport frees your city of all alarm administration, including your personnel, their desk, their salary and benefits. Your alarm dispatch files are securely downloaded and organized within our data center. From here, we set up and manage the tracking, billing, and collection of alarm permit fees, renewals and false alarm fines. Whether small or large, we ensure your City carries none of the burdens associated with the set-up or management of your alarm ordinance when you align with CitySupport.

We’re Experienced – CitySupport has provided cities with top-notch, turn-key alarm management solutions for six years. Even today, we get just as enthusiastic acquiring a new client as though it was our first. Our proprietary technology platform is engineered and maintained by our own Microsoft Certified experts on state-of-the-art Cloud servers. We maintain the capacity to simultaneously manage alarm ordinances in every major city in the U.S. We are a complete team of highly skilled and trained perfectionists who work very well together to guarantee your experience with us exceeds your expectations. CitySupport reliability and credibility guarantees your City and citizens receive superior service for the life of our service agreement.

We Give 1st Class Service – Nowadays, companies are focused so much on survival they sideline customer service as a way to cut expenses. The result in this business is late billing and collections; unfriendly ill-trained support staff; lost or hacked personal data and lack of professional cooperation. Our highly trained knowledgeable, U.S. based staff stays focused on what’s important, you our client! One-on-one attention is what every City and their citizens receive from CitySupport. Cities get a great deal of relief relying on us to expertly manage their alarm ordinance. And citizens can get a great deal of sharp, talented customer service from our support staff.

No Risk – When you outsource your alarm program to CitySupport, you have NO upfront costs regardless of any complexities. You have nothing to install, support or maintain. This means you use your staff and budget for other things to serve your community. Only as we collect monies for permit fees and false alarm fines do we retain a percentage of the amount received.